This is how the app Sabelovu works

With our app Sabelovu we would like to support you in learning a foreign language. In this article, you will find out exactly how the app works and what options it offers.

The languages of the app

You can choose from the following six languages, which you can freely combine with each other:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • French
  • Portuguese

When you register, you automatically specify your native language, which is then your source language. For example, as a native German speaker you can learn five other languages. This works in the same way with the other languages as the respective source language.

You do not speak any of the offered languages as your mother tongue? That’s not a problem either, as long as you have sufficient previous knowledge of one of the six languages to use it as the source language.

The features of the app

Sabelovu is an app that focuses on you as a learner. This means that we want to support you as much as possible to make rapid progress and to use the learning language in real life. Therefore, you will find various features in the app that always encourage active engagement with the language and that will bring you step by step to your goal.

The vocabulary trainer

You cannot speak a language without the right words. That is why all words are sorted into categories so that you can quickly find the words you need for a specific topic.

In addition, each word is recorded by a native speaker so that you can listen to it and – if you wish – repeat it. Because we believe that the more you hear a word, the faster you learn it.

That is not enough for you? Don’t worry! So that you don’t lose motivation and work on your language skills regularly, three new words will be automatically sent to you every day and displayed in the app. You can learn these and save them in your favourites to expand your vocabulary from day to day.

The categories

As already mentioned, all vocabulary is arranged in appropriate categories. These range from the alphabet to suitable words for greetings and grammar topics (such as personal pronouns). Of course, we have given each category a name and assigned a symbol to make it even easier for you to find your way around.

In addition, the categories in the app are sorted by relevance (from the learner’s point of view), so you can start directly with the first one. Once you’ve learned all the words from a category and saved them as favourites, you simply move on to the next category and start going through the words. You’ll find also a category titled All, which will show all the words from the app.

The search

Are you looking for a specific word or an expression? This is also done with just a few clicks. Either you open the corresponding category in which you suspect the word you are looking for, or you use the category with all the words from the app. Then enter the word or just part of the word in the search bar at the top and all the vocabulary cards that match your search will be displayed in a list. You can click through, read, listen to and save them as favourites as usual.

The exercises

Of course, you will internalise the newly learned words and grammar topics even faster if you can practise them. For this reason, we have developed various exercises with which you can directly apply your newly acquired knowledge.

For example, there is the option to learn with pictures. You will see a picture and four different words from which you select the appropriate one. Or you do the exercises on a specific grammar topic, where you are asked a question and you also choose the right answer from four options. This is a fun and easy way to improve your language level!

Your profile

If you use the app Sabelovu, you create your own profile when you register. In this you can not only show a picture of yourself, but also write a short introduction so that other learners can get to know you and network with you.

The language partners

Learning alone is boring? Don’t panic because that’s also what we thought! Therefore, you have the opportunity to meet other learners and help each other with language learning.

For example, if you have set German as your mother tongue and Portuguese as your learning language and click on the chat, you will either see the chats you have already started, or you will start a new one. In the latter case, simply click on the button New Chat to display a list of possible language partners. Choose a person you like and write your first message – in your learning language, of course.

The other person has replied to you? Excellent, because now it really starts! You can still write messages to each other, of course, but you can also talk to each other via video chat. You can read texts or words to each other and to correct each other’s pronunciation and intonation. In this way, you use the language in everyday life and learn to use it actively – just like your language partner.

The website Sabelovu with blog

Sabelovu is an app and therefore you will find all important things in the app on your smartphone or tablet. Nevertheless, it is worth visiting the website from time to time, for example to read the new blog article or to find out about different language courses. And, of course, you can also find us on Instagram and Facebook!

Learning with Sabelovu – What are you waiting for?

Now it’s up to you to take control of your learning. Download the app (Android / iOS), create a profile and test the various features.

Do you have further questions about the app Sabelovu and its features?

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